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Temecula Blazing Summer || Surprise Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As a photographer, I love to shoot photographs of my friends, which can also make planning a surprise engagement session a little easier. If the one being proposed to can know I'm there, and thinks its just a couples photo shoot, I don't have to hide out in the bushes attempting to grab the perfect shot.

When my friend reached out to shoot a proposal to his girlfriend, I was ecstatic. When the day finally came, I wasn't as ecstatic about the 120• weather prediction for that day. In any case, my fiancee (at the time) and part-time second-shooter joined me for a drive to the desert to photograph our friends surprise proposal. We were even able to get some gorgeous 6K video footage before the heat took down my second shooter (literally, but that's a story for another time, hahah).

I love photographing friends and strangers alike, and look forward to being apart of many more surprises like this in the future! Congrats my friends!

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