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Nothing Stops Love || Tara & Collins Montecito, CA Wedding

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

These two scheduled approximately 2-3 weddings both big and small, and continued to be shut down by the novel corona virus in August of 2020. Nonetheless they persisted in moving venues, cancelling venues, moving both inside and outside of Catholic Church (on the same day!). They were finally married with the smallest group of loved ones by their sides.

It was a joy to photograph this extraordinarily intimate ceremony and reception in a beautiful villa on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. The "work" surrounding wedding photographing is so easy when the bride is on cloud-9 feeling the absolute joy she and they earned as a couple. One of my favorite theologians Henri Nouwen wrote, "Joy is only known because of great sorrow." It was such an emotional experience and I wasn't even the one getting married. Thank God for couples like these two, who see a mountain of challenges, grab each others hands and continue on. This, this is what marriage is about. Bravo.

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